Our employees

What we expect from our employees

As a company with a global reach and a partner to major trading companies and brands with exacting requirements, we also pass these criteria on to our employees.

Teamwork: We achieve more together. Teamwork comes first and is an essential element of our day to day work throughout our broad portfolio of services. Being able to rely on each other, mutual respect and fairness are the cornerstones of teamwork in our company.

Passion: Passion for fashion - our employees take on the challenges of the fashion market fired with enthusiasm for fashion and textiles. With hard work and dedication, they ensure that the high quality of our products and services continually impress our customers.

Focus on the future: our industry never stands still. That's why we are looking for people who are always one step ahead of the trends and who develop innovative solutions. Creativity, future-focused activity and entrepreneurial thinking from our employees drive the developments on the market forward and ensure that our customers remain satisfied in the future too.